Pictures, From Lew Drake, of the back entrance to Seri Court and the new restuarant just opposite the back gate
December 09, 2015 Email
I just drove by the back road of the old Seri court site and was shocked to see they had erected a new guard shack with a sign indicating the development of a Condo - didn't get a picture of it yet but intend to drive by both the front and back of the site to get some pics of the signs - while I didn't see any demoliton on the back - some may be going on towards the front of the site - will keep you updated including pictures as this new development progresses - while I never had the opportunity to live on the site I do understand how others that did live there may feel in hearing of this development - actually I shouldn't say I was "shocked" since I could see this coming about soon as most of the neighboring properties have long been developed into condos - guess this is what you call "progress" - more later
Lew Drake
December 16, 2015 Email

went by the old Seri Court site yesterday and have to report that it was not as serious as my first drive by indicated - yes there is a guard shack and the place is all tidied up and they even paved over the grounds - but only to provide parking space for patrons of a new luxury restaurant directly opposite the back entrance - there is no parking inside the grounds of that restaurant - so they rented the area at the back of the old Seri court site for their restaurant patrons to park - there is already a guard on duty there

so it was a "false alarm" - just a parking lot for now - the remaining old buildings remain and the front entrance (Patipat Road) is the same as before - so Seri court lives on for now but with new duties as a parking lot - so be it