1954 Robert Rudolph

August 27, 1954 when the French and North Vietnamese signed their treaty the US Army was on the ground in Southeast Asia.

We had a JUSMAG Special Operations Group consisting of three officers and about 30 E.M.
The group was the Army Security Agency 327
th Comm. Recon. Co. from Japan; mostly Korean veterans.
The 6920
th USAFSS from Japan and the 29th Radio Squadron Mobile from the Philippines.

The men from the ASA were;

1st LT Daniel A. K. Proctor

SGT John R. Cauley

Cpl Dale E. Cranmer

Cpl William W. Duncan, Jr.

Cpl Donald L. Fick

Cpl Casmere Hoin

Cpl George G. Koenig, Jr.

Cpl. Bernard W. Norton

Cpl Robert J. Rudolph

Cpl Kenneth O. Schoenlein

PFC Donald C. Gingrich

PFC Donald J. Baumel

PVT-2 Ronald C White



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