Picture From Bill Shields 1972

In the lobby of the HQ building the "official" cobra (of Cobra 7 fame) lived.
Here, Bill Reed is trying to determine if it's ticklish
(at least I hope that's all he was doing).
I wonder what happened to this wooden mascot when the base shut down -
I'd pay some serious money to have the thing. Anybody know?



Hey Richard,

Bill Shields asked what happened to the big wood Cobra from the 7th. 

It is currently at HQ INSCOM Fort Belvoir, VA.  The History office got

it somehow and here it resides.  If Bill or anyone wants to come see

it drop me a line and I am sure I can arrange it.

We will also be doing a display of uniforms and papers from Colonel

McFadden from the items the family donated and still has from him in

Late Sept 10 to Jan 11.

Please let Bill know where the Cobra is.


Reise House - CIV USA INSCOM

Here is a picture of the Cobra provided by Ken Barnett

7th RRFS Cobra