Palace House Update from Lou Drake - 5/6/2014


I happened to be in the area of the Palace House a couple of days ago - decided to drive by to see if it still in place or succumbed to the developers - well - I was very happy to see that it was not only still there but there were many new big trees which obscured the view from the street of the old Palace House - I noted that the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) still occupy the site - I plan on trying to get in to see how the old house has survived over the many years since the old 5th RRU(P) days - just wanted to let everyone know that the Palace House is still surviving after all these years - an additional bit of info regarding the old Seri Court site - had driven by the back entrance about a month ago and it still doesn't show any site of development activity - so it too survives to this day

Just a little info for anyone interested.

Lew Drake (Sp5)
5th RRU(P) - 1961 era

IUCN , International Union for Conservation of Nature, helps the world find
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