2013 Videos of Bangkok as recomended by Lew Drake added 9/20/2013
Bangkok City 2013 www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3_KCaXVCOM  
Bangkok City of Life 2013 www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdKiIOtjziY
The Best City in The World Bangkok City www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BmZohiUeFc 

2014 Thai TV, Newpapers, Twitter Sites Recomended by Lew Drake added 2/16/2014

  Not sure how you feel to handle this item – listing some sites that any former ASAer in Thailand may want to check out to learn of the current ongoing protest movement to oust the current Thai gov – protestors are using the peaceful protest approach – others against the protest are using small bombs and guns attacking the protest sites late at night – they just threw grenade into the house of the Bangkok Governor last night (16 Jan BKK time) – listing some sites for anyone interested to follow:

www.blueskychannel.tv   (site of the opposition Democrat party – live feeds and mostly in Thai of course – frequent commercials to cover cost of their operation – right now covering another of the protest leader’s many long marches to collect money to cover costs of the protest)

(top 2 English language newspapers)




(some Twitter sites that are good for fast up-to-date coverage of the protest happenings:

(((Twitter sites recommended – first 2 are the best and 3 is quite good too – others are so so – for now))






(((there are many others but these are some of the better ones to follow)))


Added 2/19/2014

Result of the police use of force today:   4 dead 64 injured several seriously



How CNN reported today’s police violence – guess which side they are on


((continue watching for earlier reports on the Thailand situation – you can see several areas of Bangkok including the Chao Phaya river taxis in one))


Core members of the Pheu Thai Party visited the Government Savings Bank to deposit their money on Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014. During their visit, they were greeted by a group of anti-government protesters....


((scroll to end of the article and click on the video link to see the anti-gov protestors using their "weapon of mass disruption" the "whistle" - they are protesting the current government members who want to deposit money in the Government Savings Bank which the article describes in some detail))


Armchair General



Club 99
Added 2/19/2014

Rich, not sure you ever visited the Copacabana nightspot but most 5th RRUers made it a regular late night visit - just happened to run across this interesting site of the current status of this ASA favorite spot (well at least before Seri Court became home to the 5th and it's follow on incarnations - well - here is the link in case anyone may have interest in following it up - and a little update on the history quoted in the link - ol BB just happened to be visiting the Copacabana after returning to Bangkok as a civilian working at the US Embassy in late 1962 - I got an invitation to the opening of the Club 99 referred to in the history - however - the opening was for the Club 69 not 99 - well I made a visit there on opening night and lots of others were there as well - most all guests remarked to the staff that the name "69" had rather crude meaning for a Club - so after a few days the name was suddenly changed to Club 99 - just a little additional insight into the old Copacabana's long history to current times as "CheckInn99" - and the old pics of the original "Copa" are very thought provoking for anyone that had involvement with it's early days as an ASA "hangout" spot - well - just a little historical moment here anyways - go to the link at  http://checkinn99.net/pdfs/2-art.pdf     (note: the opening photo is the Copa as I recall it way back then)
sure hope a few of the ASAers that served in Bangkok get some fond memories from this site

BTW - recently (March 2014) drove by the back entrance of the old Seri Court but didn't note any signs or indications of development - just a bit cleaner is all


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