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     I am in search of my unit, I was in Udorn Thailand around 1967 living in tent city. After I was in Udorn for about 4 months I was in a taxi cab accident on the way back from Udorn when we struck a logging truck that was parked in the road without its lights on. I was in the front seat and my buddy Gary [a MP] was in the back seat. The taxi driver pulled me and Gary out of the cab said he was sorry and ran off leaving us alone. After about 4 hours a shuttle bus came by and reported the accident. I was air lifted to the Philippines, then Japan, then Valley Forge Army Hospital in PA. Total time about 6 months in different hosp.
I never had anymore contact with any of my unit members and in fact never got my personal belongings back. The only person I remember is Gary he was the MP.
Can you help or post this email so I can possibly get some contact with anybody that may remember me.
I also heard that Agent Orange may have been used in the area around tent city.
Thanks so much for the help


Bruce J. Bramow
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