Deployed: 1 August 1965
Cover Designation: 10th Radio Research Unit
Assigned Command: 53d US Army Security Agency Special Operations Command:(3d RRU)
Supported Command: 1st Cavalry Division
Location: An Khe (Camp Radcliff)
Reassigned Command: 313th Army Security Agency Battalion on 10 April 1966
Redesignation: 371st Army Security Agency Company on 15 October 1966
Cover Redesignation: 371st Radio Research Company
Reassigned Command: US Army Security Agency Field Station,
Phu Bai on 23 February 1968
Relocated: Camp Evans (near Phu Bai) on 17 March 1968
Reassigned Command: 303d Army Security Agency Battalion on 16 October 1968
Relocated: Camp Gorvad (Phuoc Vinh) on 11 November 1968
Redeployed: 29 April 1971**
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 2-14
Vietnam Honors: 2 PUCs, 1 VUA, 4 MUCs, 3 RVN CGPs and 1 RVN GA*
* Detachment 2, 371st Army Security Agency Company received the VUA
** Residual mission transferred to the organized Brigade Radio Research Detachment (Provisional).