965.1 04B Translator-Interpreter
04C Expert Linguist, linguist, translator, special interpreter
051.1 05B Low Speed Radio Operator
053.1 05C Radio Teletype Operator
054 05D Radio Direction Finder Operator
055 05G Communications Security / signal Security Specialist, Analyst

Originally, it was 977 & 984, then 055, then 05G sometime during early Vietnam. It was COMSEC Specialist for an 05G20 and COMSEC Analyst for an 05G30 until about 1971, then changed to SIGSEC Specialist for all 05G skill levels. (provided by Dr David Hartfield)

058 05H EW/ SIGINT Morse Code Intercept Operator
059 05K Communications Signal Collections and Processing
286A Communications-Electronics Equipment Repair Technician
31J Teletypewriter Repair (31J2B3 - ASA specialized)
31K General Cryptographic Repairman
31S Field General Communication Security Repairer
32G Fixed Cryptographic Equipment Repairer
32Z Fixed Station Chief
286 33B Intercept Equipment Repairman
33C Terminal Receiving System Repairman (fixed our R-390s)
33D Intercept Recorder Repairman
  33F Demultiplex Systmes Repairman
292 33G ECM/DF Systems Repairman
  33S EW Intercept Systems Repair
33Z Intercept Systems Maintenance Supervisor-Inspector
52B Power Generation Equipment Operator/Mechanic
711A Personnel/Administrative Technician
71B Clerk-Typist
71F Postal Clerk
71L-20 Administrative Specialist
72B Communications Center Specialist
72C Central Office Switchboard Operator
72D Cryptographic Center Specialist
73D Accounting Specialist
74A Data Processing Equipment Operator
74B Card and Tape Writer
74C Data Analysis Specialist
74D Information Systems Operator
74E Computer Systems Operator
74F Software Analyst
74G ADP Systems Analyst
74Z Record Information Systems Chief
75D20 Personal Records Specialist
76H Transportation Supply And Parts Specialist
76K General Supply Specialist
76Y Unit Supply Specialist
9307 Installation Intelligence Officer
93G Microbarograph Specialist
95B Military Police
96B Intelligence Analyst
96C Interrogator
96D Imagery Analyst
981 98B Cryptanalysis/Cryptanalytic Supervisor
982 98C Signals Intelligence Analyst
057 98G Voice Intercept Operator
989 & 983 98J EW Operator (Radar Intercept) / Noncommunications Interceptor/Analyst
98Z   Signal Intelligence Operations Chief


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